Home Organization: 7 Tips To Manage Your Laundry in One Go

Laundry rooms, by their very nature, tend to be messy and disorganized. Between the piles of clean clothes waiting to be folded and the random supplies that have been forgotten about until you need them, it can seem like there is no rhyme or reason to the way your laundry room looks. Managing home on your own can be a dainty task so one can always trust home organization services in NC.

One can say organized homes just hit different!

Thankfully, organizing your home and laundry room does not have to take an entire weekend or multiple car trips from one store to another to get everything you need! It is not that hard if you break the process down into manageable chunks. Home organization services are like a boon to mankind if you are on a tight schedule.

By taking a little time with these seven steps, you can have a clean and organized laundry room before you know it. If you still can’t get things done Judy On The Spot has got you covered for the best home organization services Charlotte. 

1. Narrow down your laundry closet’s purpose

2. Divide your space into zones for an organized home

3. Get specific storage bins and containers

4. Put all detergents & supplies in one spot

5. Determine what does not belong

6. Add hooks and shelves to maximize space

7. Home organization can be fun if you maintain this routine

Quick-Tips To Organize Your Laundry

1) Narrow down your laundry closet’s purpose

Before you start reorganizing your laundry room, it is essential to determine what you want out of your laundry space. Do you want a space that doubles as a craft and sewing room? Is it strictly for folding and sorting clothes? Do you need an ironing station? There are lots of different ways to use your laundry area. Make sure it is serving its intended purpose before rearranging for a better and more organized home. Or you can simply look for organizational services in Charlotte!

2) Divide your space into zones for an organized home

If you have a laundry room, make sure you set up all your zones based on how you do laundry. Zone one is for dirty clothes, zone two is for clean clothes, and zone three is where you will keep everything else that relates to laundry. This simple Myntra can curb all your home organization needs.

If need be, you can divide each zone into sub-zones for easy access to every item. For example, set the sub-zone 1 for everyday use items like your athletic clothes or your kid’s school uniform, which needs to be washed every day. Sub-zone 2 can store clothes worn regularly but should still be washed after one or two days. And, the segregation can continue as per your requirement. 

To get started, think about each type of item you have in your laundry room right now. Once you have identified everything that needs a home, assign zones based on what makes sense for how you use your laundry room.

Do you know all this is possible with our home organization services in NC?

It will help you eliminate clutter and better understand what needs to be done with your clothing throughout each day. Or simply let our apartment concierge do the job for you!

3) Get specific storage bins and containers

When sorting and organizing your laundry room, make sure you choose a container for cleaning supplies. It is necessary to choose appropriate containers for nothing to slip through the cracks. Also, take stock of what you have lying around your home. If something can be used as a laundry basket or storage bin, keep it that way!

Our-tip: Do not forget our home organization tip to label or color-code your bins or containers.

4) Put all detergents & supplies in one spot

Remember the third zone division in point 2 above?

Keep all of your detergents and supplies in one spot so that you can see everything you have on hand. It will help you to weed out anything that you no longer need. If there is a scented dryer sheet on its last leg or an open box of fabric softener that needs replacing, now is a good time. Moreover, discard any cleaning product with an expiration date because you do not want them to ruin any clothes waiting for washing day. At a time like this, an apartment concierge comes in handy.

5) Determine what does not belong

Sort! It is time to get serious about getting rid of items you do not need and organize the space. Go through each item individually and ask yourself if there is another place you could store it or if something else could take its place. Donate or sell anything that does not have a permanent spot inside your new-and-improved laundry room. 

6) Add hooks and shelves to maximize space

Looking for more storage? One of the most basic ways to maximize space is by adding hooks and shelves to your laundry room. From hanging storage bins and bags on a wall hook, so they do not take up floor space to installing shelf cabinets above your washer and dryer, you can create more space. 

Simply hammering in some nails is an easy and effective way to add room for more clothing. Afraid of poking a nail into your hand let us do the job for you with our organization services Charlotte?

It also makes sense to add hooks or rods above or below your shelves, if space permits. This way, you will be able to hang up things like lint brushes and bar mitts when not in use. It will free up room on shelves for other items. And finally, do not forget about under-the-counter storage!

Our-tip: Install an over-the-door shelf for extra storage.

7) Home organization can be fun if you maintain this routine

It is easy to let your laundry pile up and wait until you have a full load to wash, but that can put a strain on your budget and damage your clothing. Instead, dedicate an hour every Saturday morning to getting everything sorted and hung up—this way, you will not build a mountain of dirty clothes. Got a hectic weekend? We have the best organizational services in Charlotte to take away your weekend blues.

If you need help organizing your laundry or cabinets, call us at 866-370-3402 or get a free quote for our home organization services. Let’s make your home a cozy and peaceful place!

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