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This is the best money you will ever spend! I had my house decluttered/organized and they did such a wonderful job! If I had known about Judy on the Spot before, I would have hired them years ago. They have a broad range of services so I guarantee that there is something that needs to be done at your house. Thank you to Tania and her whole crew, with whom, by the way, it is a pleasure to have in your home!

Vicki W.

Tonya, along with her team, Damon and Theresa, were just truly amazing. I can't thank the team enough. Tonya has an incredible eye and vision. Damon has the tenacity and skills and put them to great use installing 2 ceiling fans, assembling a closet and boudoir, all with enthusiasm and untiring. Theresa has a gift of organization and talk. we talked and organized while laughing all the time. I simply can't recommend this service enough! They ROCK!

Tom S.

Judy on the Spot was a life saver! I desperately needed to organize my home so that things could function more smoothly. Being a new Mom I knew I would not be able to do it myself so I hired Judy on the spot to help. The team was very professional throughout each stage of the process (initial consultation, planning and execution). You can see the results for yourself in my photos. The garage/lower level of my home was the first phase of our project and we will be using them in other areas of our home as well. My husband and I both are excited that we now have a functional garage that we can actually use for our car! Thank you Judy on the spot!

Krystle G.

Everyone knows that cleaning organizing can be overwhelming, and emotionally draining. This has always been the case for me, and when I recently moved, my husband and I decided to use the second bedroom to store all of our stuff we did not have a place for yet. In just a few hours, Tonya took my crazy storage room full of suitcases, boxes, and random bags and turned it into an amazing organized-looking office room! She came in and gave me a quote, then once I scheduled she bought everything I needed, including a handyman to put it together. I have hired organizers before, but she is the Best! It was truly a miracle what she did with my space. Don't hesitate to hire her!

Kelly J.

Tonya and her team were fantastic. They explained the process and were really great with my dad. My husband's new job requires that he works from home and I also got a new job, so we needed to get our office space organized as well as the pantry and my daughter's room. I needed to feel organized at home so I could focus on work and Judy on the Spot fit the bill perfectly. They organized our office, the pantry, our basement area and my daughter's room and play room. All of us are very happy with the results and it's wonderful to know that everything has a place and everyone knows where everything should go. I would hire Judy on the Spot again, no question! We actually probably will later in the year when I look to organize my closets!

Marcella A.

Get Kara! She was amazing, friendly and confident. She did everything I needed and more, completely freeing me from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. She even helped me re-organize my piles of paperwork and declutter some boxes I had instead of just re-packing. Her packing skills were on point, clearly labeling and categorizing boxes so unpacking will be a breeze.

Ashley F.

Ebony was awesome. She helped me cut through the overwhelm of packing for a big move. Ebony was punctual, efficient, organized, and strong! We made great headway together, and had fun while doing it. Tonya was professional from start to finish. I highly recommend.

Michelle T.