About Me
A Ju·dyˈ- jo͞odē/
A person who is at your service -- your right hand who is always there whenever you need, to lend a hand. Someone you can trust with your personal and business lifestyle needs.
My name is Tonya Glenn. I'm the owner and founder of Judy On The Spot. I have an MBA in business and technology. I've spent 25 years planning, organizing, and solving problems for large and small efforts. I'm best known for creating order out of chaos. My team has an average 5 to 15 years experience in their fields. We are staffed with organizers, home stagers, packing specialists, cleaners, porters, administrative assistants and handymen, so that our team can be efficient with our clients' needs.
I started this company because, once upon a time, I needed a "Judy," -- a right hand! My corporate life took over and it got to the point that my house was a wreck, I wasn’t keeping up maintenance on my home, and didn’t have time to get my car washed or shop for groceries, forgot to pick up my dry cleaning, couldn’t find anything when I needed because my closets weren’t organized, etc. Things really hit the fan when I had to relocate for my job – that was another monster to address when I had to get my home ready to sell. Now my team and I proudly provide these services to others.
We take extra care and attention to the needs of our clients, using proven methods and processes. We strive to deliver services the way you want it. We are here at your service. We are your right hand -- Your Judy!