Judy On The Spot provides a full-range of moving support services.  We understand that your life is busy and moving can be difficult when your schedule is already full.  Our goal is to remove your stress and provide you hyper-personal services at a level beyond the average, if needed.  

You can count on us to perform any or all of the following:

  • De-clutter your home or office to ensure that you only take the things that you still need.

  • Pack, label, and number your boxes in an organized fashion.

  • Clean your home after move-out, or before move-in.

  • Fix minor damages to your home, if needed.

  • Unpack your new home and organize your personal items. 

  • Hang your artwork, install your televisions, etc.

  • Set-up your office and files.

  • Stage your furnishing and fixtures.

  •  Stock your fridge with all the necessary items needed for you and your family.