Our Services

Home Organization

Home Organization is the heart of our business. Our team understands that our environments are a reflection of how we feel inside. We handle all levels of clutter for any safe environment. 

We offer full-service organization services from end to end. Don’t know where to start?  


Office Organization

Owning a business means you may not have time to handle those little organization details.

At Judy On The Spot, your Judy will set up and organize your office space creating a functional, yet attractive environment.  We also have subscription plans.


Moving Support

Judy On The Spot provides a full-range of moving support services.  We understand that your life is busy and moving can be difficult when your schedule is already full. 

Our goal is to remove your stress and provide you hyper-personal services at a level beyond the average, if needed.


Apartment Service

Sometimes apartment life means less space.  Judy On The Spot will provide professional organization services and implement the right tools and techniques to ensure everything has a place in your home.  Sign-up for one-time or discounted recurring services.


Business Support

When running an efficient business,  there is no need to carry extra resource  overhead when you only need extra help every once in a while. Call today. Let us get familiar with your business and special project needs, and let our well-qualified project assistants you.


Errand Service

As much as we all like to — we can’t be in two places at one-time.  Judy On The Spot is truly your right hand.  Your Judy will provide errand services to support your hectic lifestyle.  Your Judy is  dependable,  professional, and  trustworthy. 


What’s your vision?  Don’t have one?  No Problem.  Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it.  Here are some home and office goals that Judy On The Spot can help you strive to achieve.